Balancing a Pending Invoice or Debit Note

If LogicBoxes India has raised an Invoice or Debit Note for you, you would have to pay for it in order to settle it.

To Pay for a Pending Invoice or Debit Note

  1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel. See details

  2. In the Menu, point to My Billing and click Pending Payments.

  3. From this list, select the ones that you wish to execute / pay.

  4. Click the Pay button.

  5. Here your Debit Account Balance will be displayed. Now, you have 2 options:


    • If sufficient funds are available, you can click the Continue button to balance the Invoice/Debit Note.

    • If you do not have sufficient funds in your account, you can click the Add Funds button, where you would be presented with various methods available to add funds to your account. Once the Funds have been added to your Account, you would have to pay for the Invoice by following instructions from step 2 above.